New strategy hoping to get more Rotherham residents on their bikes

New strategy hoping to get more Rotherham residents on their bikes

Proposals to adopt a new cycling strategy in Rotherham will be voted on by the Council’s Cabinet next week.

The strategy, which outlines the priorities and principles that will shape the Council’s future cycling-related activity is set to be presented at the meeting to be held on 24 January.

If approved, the new plans aim to improve provision for cyclists, so that everyone in the borough can enjoy the health, environmental and economic benefits that cycling offers.

The strategy will also provide a network of cycle routes in the borough that are safe, comprehensive and accessible. This includes integration with public transport, to support longer journeys.

The strategy follows a consultation, which was carried out in the summer of 2021, to understand views of residents, businesses and motorists to inform the final draft of the document.

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment, Cllr Dominic Beck, said: “In the past year we’ve seen an increase in cycling and we want to ensure that trend continues by providing a network that makes bike travel safe and practical for more Rotherham residents, workers and visitors.

“Investing in cycling is an opportunity to create lasting benefits for everyone. Cycling provides low-cost travel, improves health and wellbeing and helps to protect the environment. Yet data from previous years shows that even for Rotherham residents with short commutes, less than 1% travel by bike, compared to 59% who travel by car. It’s hoped the strategy can look towards reversing this trend.”

Increasing cycling for work, errands and leisure will serve many of the borough’s needs, including increasing physical activity levels, improving air-quality, reducing traffic congestion and supporting economic regeneration by making it easier for people to access employment, training and leisure opportunities.

The Council has already committed resources in its budget to improve the borough’s existing 90 miles of cycle infrastructure including renewing all worn markings, cutting back overgrowing vegetation, removing weeds and sweeping cycle routes to ensure they a free from litter and debris.

Further government funding has also been made available through the Transforming Cities Fund and Active Travel Fund and the strategy will set a framework to establish the most appropriate way to commit these funds.

There are several schemes proposed in Rotherham – details of which can be found at

Published: 21st January 2022