‘Carnson House’ offers crucial lifeline for Rotherham residents

Published Monday, 6th July 2015
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A new centre that aims to make a significant contribution to the long term recovery of people from alcohol and drug addiction has opened in Rotherham.

Known as ‘Carnson House’, the Recovery Hub is a partnership between Rotherham Council and Lifeline Project (the national drug and alcohol charity). A total of £875,000 was secured by the partnership in 2014 to buy and refit Carnson House.

The funding, from Public Health England, was the single largest grant from over 200 submitted bids and is regarded as an enormous boost to the town’s plans to help those in recovery.

The Hub will not only open up opportunities for Rotherham people to recover from problems with drugs or alcohol but will also be a place for other community  groups related to addiction and partners to make a real difference to people’s lives. One such partner is Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust whose recovery services will be co-locating in the Hub with Lifeline’s services.

Service users have been involved throughout the whole process including choosing the location, planning the refit and deciding to keep the building’s original name.

Situated on Moorgate Road, Carnson House has been fully refurbished and fitted with a range of facilities to assist with training, group activities, therapy sessions and health and well-being support.

Tanya Simmons of Lifeline said: “Carnson House will be a welcoming space to give service users access to a wide range of activities including education, training and employment sessions, budgeting and health care as well as one to one support and group work. There will also be specialist housing and debt management advice and other local partners will be encouraged to work from the Hub.”

Integral to the Hub’s success will be the involvement of ‘Experts by Experience’ and projects to support and help others through their recovery journeys. There will also be a range of volunteering, peer mentoring and move-on opportunities created for service users.

For more information on the Recovery Hub please contact Tanya Simmons, Strategic Operations Manager, Lifeline Project.  

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