Rotherham schoolchildren take the lead at Question Time

Published Tuesday, 1st December 2015
Bramley Sunnyside visit to Town Hall
Hannah Croker, aged eight, puts her questions to Councillor Chris Read

Schoolchildren from Rotherham put their communication skills to good use last week when they visited the Town Hall for a question and answer session in the Council Chamber.

Pupils from Bramley Sunnyside Junior School’s Student Council had written to Councillor Chris Read, Leader of Rotherham Council, to ask if he could pass on any tips on what makes a good councillor and for advice on holding their Student Council meetings.

Councillor Read was so impressed with the letter he arranged for the pupils to have a tour of the Town Hall and a special one to one question time session with himself in the Council Chambers.

"The pupils who came to visit had just started in their new roles within the Student Council and were keen to learn more about being good ambassadors for their school community.

"We had a very lively session in the Chamber with some well-thought and sometimes quite probing questions! I’m sure they will all excel in their new roles and will be great ambassadors for the school and for Rotherham."

Evie Hardwick, age nine years, was impressed with the whole experience: "I liked the entire visit, especially when Councillor Read answered our questions. We learnt lots of new things and we know that Rotherham town is very important. Also we learnt that listening is good for being a good support and a good councillor."

The schoolchildren were accompanied by Headteacher, Mrs Helen Headleand and the Student Council Facilitator, Mrs Karen Quarta. All the children were presented with a special pencil case as a memento of their visit