Help to quit for Rotherham smokers

Published Wednesday, 23rd December 2015
Cigarette in ash tray
Cigarette in ash tray

Smokers in Rotherham who are planning to make a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking are being offered free support to help them achieve a smokefree start to 2016.

In Rotherham, 18.4 percent of the adult population smoke.

The team behind South Yorkshire Tobacco Control Collaborative - a joint venture by Doncaster and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Councils and Sheffield City Council to tackle the harmful effects of tobacco - is urging smokers to get help to quit for a better chance of success.

Terri Roche, Director of Public Health for Rotherham, said: “There are huge health benefits associated with kicking the habit. Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer, as well as throat and mouth cancer.

“In addition, within a year of stopping smoking, the risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of a continuing smoker. After ten years, the risk falls to the same level as someone who never smoked so it’s never too late to stop.

“Within two to 12 weeks of stopping smoking, the circulation improves making all physical activities much easier. Quitting smoking also gives the immune system a boost, making it easier to fight off colds and flu.”

Advisory Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, Councillor David Roche, added: “As well as the health benefits, there are big financial savings to be made from quitting smoking. Someone who smokes five cigarettes a day would save around £540 in just one year.

“We know that there are many smokers out there who desperately want to quit but kicking the habit for good really is difficult without the right help and support. That is why we are urging smokers to contact their local stop smoking services for expert advice and guidance every step of the way.”

To find out more about the local help and support available, contact your local stop smoking service on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or visit

Top Tips for Quitting Smoking in the New Year:

  • Start by contacting your local stop smoking service
  • Reward yourself each time you achieve a small step towards reaching your goal, for example refusing a cigarette at a party or resisting the urge to light up after a stressful day
  • Try to gather support from friends and family – make sure you tell them about your aim to stop smoking. You never know, if they smoke too, they may even decide to quit with you Remember the health benefits of quitting, are physical activities becoming easier? Are your tastebuds improving?
  • Enjoy the financial savings – put the money you would normally spend on cigarettes into a jar and treat yourself when you reach a milestone
  • Keep a diary, it will help you to keep you track your progress and keep focused on achieving your goal
  • Stay motivated and most of all believe you can kick the habit