Rotherham Chief Executive Welcomes Apprentices

Published Friday, 11th March 2016
Sharon Kemp and Megan South
Sharon Kemp and Megan South

Chief Executive Sharon Kemp takes a young apprentice under her wing to show them the ropes as part of National Apprentice Week.

The new boss at Rotherham Council has taken a young apprentice under her wing to show them the ropes as part of National Apprentice Week this week.

Sharon Kemp, who has been in charge at the Council just over a month and is the first ever female chief executive Rotherham Council has ever had, shared her job and how she managed to juggle night school and day release in order to get progress in her career.

Seventeen-year-old business admin apprentice Megan South shadowed her for a day – to show what a chief executive does and demonstrate what can be achieved.

Ms Kemp, who started in junior positions, said: “Having Megan join me for the day was a delight – and a refreshing reminder of where I started. It was fantastic to meet a bright young student striving to achieve.

“It also outlined how important apprenticeships are as a gateway to building a career. We’re passionate about supporting young people in their career aspirations and will be celebrating National Apprentice Week here at Rotherham. They contain so many valuable learning opportunities as an alternative to college or university and we’re delighted it is our job to support the next generation.”

Megan works in the Children and Young Peoples Safeguarding Team and came to the team after completing her GCSE’s at Clifton School and shadowed Sharon for a jam-packed day of meetings and visits across a range of areas in the council.

Her day with Ms Kemp showed her the ‘day in the life of a Chief Executive’ and a further insight into the workings of different parts of the Council.

Megan added: “The day was a brilliant experience and gave me an idea of how it all works. 

“It’s great to hear that Sharon worked in junior positions and progressed to where she is now – it’s really inspiring.

“In aid of National Apprentice Week I think everyone should take the opportunity to shadow someone in a role you’d like to be in as it really motivates you.”