Commissioners 12 month progress report to Government published

Published Monday, 14th March 2016
Lead Commissioner Sir Derek Myers
Lead Commissioner Sir Derek Myers

Government appointed Commissioners, led by Sir Derek Myers, have today published a 12 month review of progress since the Government Directions to Rotherham.

The review has been accepted by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Sir Derek said: "This report reflects a year of progress. The Council has a stronger more responsive Children’s Service that is addressing the serious failings identified by Ofsted. The senior management structure is taking shape with a new Chief Executive, assistant Chief Executive and most of the Leadership Team now in place.

"Elected Members are adhering to and promoting a higher standard of conduct and values. One third of Commissioners’ decision-making responsibilities have been returned to the Council, which not only means renewed responsibility for the Cabinet, but also a more prominent role for Scrutiny Councillors as ‘call-in’ arrangements are returned.

"Whilst it is clear we have to go some way to restoring the public’s confidence in the Council, our trajectory is upwards and we will seek to build on this in the coming months.

"Last month the Cabinet met in public for the first time since intervention and were able to take decisions relating to areas of work now back within the hands of the Council.

"Following the elections in May, an administration will be in place with a four year mandate to govern. Commissioners are minded to recommend a timetable for the transfer of further powers to Councillors by summer. However, there is still much to do if we are to achieve this.

"As lead commissioner I will be holding to account the Chief Executive and her management team for the agreed necessary improvement activity, and this will not stop once powers are fully returned to the Council. Commissioners have a supervising role to play until our appointment ends in 2019. Further progress is both necessary and expected, but a good start has been made."

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