Launch of new Rotherham Together Partnership Action Plan

Published Thursday, 17th March 2016
Rotherham Together Partnership
Key Members

New partnership plan focuses on positively changing Rotherham.

Making Rotherham a clean, safe, welcoming and friendly place to live and work is the focus of a new partnership plan – drawn up based on the priorities of local people.

Over 100 leaders from across the business, community and public sectors came together on 17 March to launch the first annual plan of the Rotherham Together Partnership - a strategic body made up of agencies including Rotherham Council, South Yorkshire Police, NHS services, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and representatives from the business, education, voluntary and community sectors.

Together they backed the new plan which focusses on three key themes over the next year, drawing heavily on recent research into what local people say is important to them. They also signed pledges of support to get involved in partnership initiatives over the coming months.

Cllr Chris Read, Chair of the Partnership and Leader of Rotherham Council, said: “When we took to the streets last summer for the ‘Views from Rotherham’ roadshows – the biggest consultation ever carried out here – it was very clear that we all want the best for the borough.

“Those aspirations covered a range of things, from keeping children safe, making sure our streets are clean, providing opportunities for local people and restoring a sense of pride in our communities to make Rotherham a welcoming place for everyone.

“We are offering everyone the opportunity to play a small part in achieving these things, and to do so also requires strong relationships across all agencies. It is this collective ambition that has underpinned our newly-strengthened partnership, and the work plan that will support it.”

The three theme areas for 2016/17 are:

  • Bringing people together – creating opportunities for communities to get together and make a difference to each other and their neighbourhoods
  • Creating equality and opportunity – making sure that people have chance to access education and work, underpinned by the council’s Growth Plan to create 10,000 extra private sector jobs over the next 10 years
  • Making Rotherham a welcoming place – this is about making sure neighbourhoods are clean, safe and attractive
  • Running through this, and carried out alongside the council’s Children’s Improvement Plan, partners will support Rotherham to become a child-centred borough, with children and young people at the heart of all services.

The full partnership plan will be available to download on the Council website.

The event kick-started a consultation to develop a longer-term partnership community strategy for the borough, based on these key priorities.

Pictured left to right: are Andrew Denniff, Chief Executive of the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, Cllr Kath Sims, Chair of Safer Rotherham Partnership, Martin Havenhand, Chair of Rotherham Hospital Foundation Trust, Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive of Rotherham Council, Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, District Commander, South Yorkshire Police, Cllr David Roche, Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Board, Commissioner Julie Kenny, Rotherham Council Commissioner lead on external partnerships, Cllr Chris Read, Rotherham Together Partnership Chair and Leader of Rotherham Council and Steve Roberts, Chair of Rotherham Business Growth Board.