Spot the signs of bladder and kidney cancers

Published Monday, 21st March 2016
Be Clear on Cancer
Public Health England's 'Be Clear on Cancer' campaign

Rotherham Council is raising awareness locally of a national campaign which aims to flag up a key symptom for both bladder and kidney cancers - blood in pee.

This second wave of Public Health England's 'Be Clear on Cancer' campaign targets men and women aged 50 and over and encourages anyone who notices blood in their pee, even if 'just the once', to visit their GP to get it checked out. This year's campaign also promotes a 'look before you flush' message, particularly aimed at women, who may be less likely to check.

Around 17,450 people in England have a bladder or kidney cancer diagnosis every year with approximately 7,600 people dying from bladder or kidney cancer every year.

Rotherham Council's Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, Councillor David Roche said: "Evidence shows that 'Be Clear on Cancer' campaigns do make a difference. The rise in the number of bladder and kidney cancers being picked up early is important. It is this early detection that saves lives. Please help us to spread the word - it's a simple message 'look before you flush' and make sure you go and see your GP if you notice blood in your pee."

Blood in pee is a symptom in over half of bladder cancers and almost a fifth of kidney cancers. Awareness is crucial in getting early help and diagnosis.

For people diagnosed early, the likelihood of surviving 5 years or more can be as high as 84 percent for kidney cancer and 77 percent for bladder cancer.

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