Get your bins out bright and early

Published Thursday, 28th April 2016
Bin lorry
waste collection vehicle

Rotherham householders are being reminded to ensure that their bins are always at the roadside at 7.00 am.

Although there are no changes to collection days across the borough, from Monday May 2, the time that your bin is collected may change.

To ensure no bins are missed, everyone is reminded to make sure theirs is put out by 7am on collection day.

Rotherham Council's Waste Collection Manager, Bob Morrison, said: "The Council has invested in a number of new waste collection vehicles and the arrival of these, along with increasing demand from the growing number of households, has meant we need to increase the number of collection rounds.

"As a consequence of this, from Monday 2 May it’s important that everyone’s bin is put out for 7am as there may be a change to your usual collection time.

"Although there is no change to the collection days, some people will find their collection may be earlier than they are used to, while others may have a later collection."

In addition to ensuring bins are put out for 7 am, householders are also reminded to take their bins and recycling containers back from the road as soon as possible after collection.

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