Chipping leads to a happy reunion for Rotherham dog owner

Published Thursday, 5th May 2016
Dog chipping session
Dog chipping session

A Rotherham family have been reunited with their family pet – thanks to its micro-chip.

The Marsden family, who live at Henley Way, Masbrough, said that their Japanese Akita dog Diachi was taken from the garden of their previous home last September and had all but given up hope that he would be found.

But dog wardens in Coventry, in the West Midlands, found Diachi in April and when his chip was scanned he was reunited with the delighted family.

Owner Robert Marsden said the whole family was "ecstatic" to have Diachi back.

"We've no idea how he ended up roaming the streets of Coventry," said the dad-of-four. "My nine-year-old son has learning difficulties and he was in tears when he heard the news that Diachi had been found. He’s over the moon – we all are!"

Phil Hibberd, Coventry Council’s pest control and animal welfare manager, said it was great to see the reaction of the owner. He said: "We can never guarantee whether we can trace the owner of a stray dog but in this case the fact that the dog was micro-chipped was a real help."

Rotherham Council dog warden, Fay Drabble, added: "It’s great that this story had a happy outcome, but not all owners are so lucky. All dogs should now be chipped by law, as well as wearing a disc with their owner’s name and address. Hopefully as more and more people make sure their dogs are micro-chipped, we can trace more owners of missing dogs."

The Council has been working with the Dogs’ Trust to offer free micro-chipping sessions across the borough. The next event takes place at Montgomery Hall, Wath, on Thursday 12 May, between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm (the queue may close early if a large number of people attend).

Dogs taking part must be at least 12 weeks old and should not have been treated for fleas for at least 24 hours before they are chipped. Owners of puppies under six months must also bring an up-to-date vaccination card for them.

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