Mayor Maggi bows out

Published Thursday, 19th May 2016
The Mayor and the charity ladies
The Mayor of Rotherham 2015/6 Cllr Maggi Clark (centre), with Winnie Billups, Jean Fitzgibbons, Sue Whelbourn and Ann Hitchen.

Rotherham’s Mayor for 2015/16, Cllr Maggi Clark, reaches the end of her year in office this week.

Cllr Clark – who was Rotherham’s 10th woman mayor in 144 years – is now thanking the public of Rotherham for their support to her and consort Peter during their busy year in office.

“It has been a great honour to serve as Mayor for this past year,” said Cllr Clark. “On starting out, Peter and I were fully aware that our civic year would play out against a backdrop of incredibly sad and difficult circumstances following the Jay Report.

“Our thoughts have been with the victims and survivors of exploitation both here in our borough and further afield. Without forgetting or marginalising what has happened, we have tried to play our part in the process of rebuilding civic pride in the borough and of restoring trust and confidence in Rotherham.”

Cllr Clark added that one of the highlights of her year in office was the many unsung heroes they had met among the people of Rotherham.

“Peter and I have met many amazing people over the past year, and continue to do so. People who are totally committed to what they are doing, who give so much without seeking any reward and who will probably never get a title or reward for doing so.”

Cllr Clark said that there had been many highlights of her year in office – too many to mention them all – but particularly memorable had been the unveiling of the Heart of Steel, launching the Council’s Christmas Toy Appeal, meeting the people of Open Minds Theatre Life Act, the moving ceremony for Holocaust Memorial Day, meeting so many young people and working with Rotherham’s “Little” Mayor, Zoe Fathers.

Throughout the year, Cllr Clark and Peter have been raising money for local charities Rotherham Neuro Support and Start-a-Heart 24:7. 

“Finally, I’d like to thank the very dedicated ‘Golden Girls' -  the charity ladies who helped with charity fundraising for myself and many of our previous mayors over the years – they are amazing and their work is much appreciated” added Cllr Clark. 

Three of the volunteer charity ladies, Winnie Billups, Sue Whelbourn and Ann Hitchen are retiring this week, and a presentation and pie and pea supper was held to say thank you for their work over the years.

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