Have your say on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Maltby

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Maltby residents are being encouraged to help shape how the area develops in the future by providing feedback on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been put forward by Maltby Town Council to Rotherham Council. The Plan area encompasses the whole of the parish of Maltby and covers the period up to 2028, a timescale which aligns to that of the Rotherham Local Plan.

Residents can have their say on what they want future development in Maltby to look like. This includes how and where development should take place.

A range of policies are set out in the Plan around housing, heritage, shops and the town centre, community facilities, nature conservation and developer contributions. Local residents can provide feedback on these policies.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that gives local people the opportunity to have their say on how their community develops and evolves. Neighbourhood planning allows local residents to play a much stronger role in shaping the areas in which they live and work.

Once a Neighbourhood Plan is in place, decisions on planning applications will be made using the Council's Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan and any other material considerations.

The proposed Plan seeks to ensure that Maltby develops for the benefit of everyone. The Plan recognises the importance of ensuring that Maltby continues to be a great, distinct and proud community.

At the heart of the proposed Plan is a vision for what Maltby could look like in the future, which is as follows:

“That Maltby is a proud, distinct, self-contained and friendly community in which people enjoy living, visiting and working, with a vibrant town centre and good-quality local facilities and housing that meets and responds to existing and future needs and challenges”.

Whilst planning applications would still be determined by the Council, the production of a Neighbourhood Plan will mean that they must have regard to the provisions of the Plan and the relevant locally formulated criteria when reaching planning decisions that affect Maltby.

Residents of Maltby are invited to have their say to help shape the future development of the area.

This consultation is open until 21 August 2023. Following on from public consultation, an independent examination will take place.

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy Councillor Denise Lelliott said: “Rotherham Council is committed to getting local people involved in planning for development of their local areas. Residents in Maltby are being invited to have their say on the Neighbourhood Plan.”

Where can I see the draft plan and supporting documents?

The draft plan and supporting documents are available to view:

Published: 17th July 2023