More social workers needed to lighten the load

Published Wednesday, 6th July 2016
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Social Care jobs in Rotherham

Lower caseloads, better management, more supervision and learning and development opportunities are all on the cards for social workers who want to come and work in Rotherham.

As part of its transformation of children's services, Rotherham Council has made significant changes to social work jobs, and at the heart of this is making sure the right support is in place for front line staff.

The changes, which are part of the Council's commitment to being a child centred borough, mean social workers are now able to have a much better work life balance and can concentrate on their case work without feeling overwhelmed by work pressures.

Because of these changes, a number of vacancies have now been created across children's social services and the Council is holding an open day next week to help people find their dream job.

Deputy Leader of Rotherham Council, Cllr Gordon Watson, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People's Services, said: "Rotherham Council has already undergone major changes in the last 14 months since the Jay and Casey reports, and we have many more ambitious plans to come. The perception about Rotherham is now very different to the reality.

"One of the criticisms was our social workers had far too high caseloads and were not able to deliver their jobs properly as a result. We have changed this significantly. Now we have some of the smallest caseloads in the country – with social workers having an average of 15 cases each. We really want social workers to come and be part of the change here in Rotherham. Social workers are the key to us changing and becoming a council which others regularly benchmark themselves against."

The Council will be hosting its first ever job fayre for social work staff at the New York Stadium in Rotherham town centre on Monday 11 July. Starting at midday and going on until 7.00 pm, the Council will be showcasing the excellent work done by current social work teams while also promoting Rotherham as a place to live, as well as work.

Ian Thomas, Strategic Director of Children's and Young People's Services at the Council added: "We want to take the opportunity to share the journey we are on from being classified as inadequate to starting to be recognised as leaders of emerging best practice, particularly in child sexual exploitation.

"There is still much rewarding work to be done and we are looking for passionate, committed experienced social workers and team managers to join us to continue to make a difference, by consistently improving outcomes for children and young people."

The Council has restructured its social worker teams to reduce caseloads, improve supervision and as an authority aspiring to become outstanding, more improvements are planned. There has already been a noticeable shift in perception about Rotherham, with more people applying to join the Council than ever before.

For more information about the job fayre and current job vacancies the website below.

Visit the Children's Social Care Jobs websiteimage