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Published Monday, 18th July 2016
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Rotherham Council is consulting on the future of public health services and wants to hear your views on what is important to you over the next five years.

The consultation which opened on the 18 July follows a government announcement to reduce the amount of money it gives the Council to fund public health services each year between now and 2020. The implications of the reductions were considered at the Cabinet/Commissioners’ decision making meeting last month and it was agreed to consult on ways to spend less whilst still maintaining a good level of service.

The consultation provides information about current services and asks public opinion on whether the Council should maintain or reduce the level of funding for each of these services. In some cases there are statutory services that have to be delivered but it may be that these can be delivered in a different and more cost effective way so it is important to get a view on what matters the most to people.

In addition, anyone participating in the survey will have a chance to comment on the extent to which they agree with the service principles and say what they consider to be the most important things that could be done differently.

Councillor Roche, Cabinet Member for Public Health said: "Public Health commission a range of services to reduce health inequalities and support people to live longer, healthier lives. As with other councils, Rotherham receives a specific Public Health grant from the Government which has unfortunately been cut so we now need to pause and consider how to address the immediate funding shortfall. For the financial year 2016/17, the Council has managed to meet the cut to its Public Health Grant however, we will not be able to continue to fund the same levels of service in future years. As a result, we have to look for ways to spend less on public health whilst maintaining a good level of service and this is your chance to influence future service delivery."

The Government has cut ÂŁ1.3 million from the Rotherham Public Health Grant this year (2016/17) and there will be further cuts to the Rotherham Public Health Grant each year between now and 2020. As a result of the Government cuts in the Public Health Grant budget, the Council is intending to make equivalent savings to public health services.

The consultation will be open until 15 September 2016.

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