Cabinet set to approve proposals for 74 new council homes

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Rotherham Council’s Cabinet is set to approve plans which will provide 74 new council homes across the borough.

Proposals for four sites across Maltby and Eastwood have been submitted for approval and include plans for a range of new homes such as 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom houses, and 2-bedroom apartments.

In Maltby, plans outline 24 new homes on Addison Road including 17 houses, 6 apartments and four specialised wheelchair user dwellings, while on Larch Road plans for six new homes and 10 apartments are being proposed.

In Eastwood, 19 new homes are being proposed at Netherfield Court with eight new houses and 4 apartments being planned on York Road.

Once approved by Cabinet, these plans will be subject to planning permission approval.

These new builds will support the Council’s commitment to build hundreds of new council homes. So far, between 1 January 2018 to 31 May 2023, 366 homes have been built for council rent and 118 for shared ownership.

Cabinet will also look to approve a new Housing Acquisitions Policy which will set out how the Council will look to buy already built homes to use as social housing. 

So far 83 council homes have been acquired in this way. The new policy will support the Council to buy back former council homes sold under Right to Buy, as well as empty homes and other homes available on the open market.

Rotherham Council’s Deputy Leader, Councillor Sarah Allen, said: “The Council is committed to supporting our residents with their housing challenges, including providing new affordable and high quality council homes for local people to rent. For all of us, a safe, secure place to call home is the cornerstone of our lives. Rotherham Council is the 20th largest local authority landlord in England and in March this year, over 6,500 households were on the Housing Register and the level of demand only continues to rise. With this in mind, it is vital that the Council looks at all opportunities to build or acquire good quality, affordable homes for residents.”

For further information about the Council’s Housing Strategy, go online to

You can view the Cabinet report at: Agenda for Cabinet on Monday 16 October 2023, 10am - Rotherham Council

Published: 12th October 2023