Pokémon Go fever grips Rotherham

Published Friday, 29th July 2016
A ghost Pokemon inside Clifton Park Museum
A ghost Pokemon inside Clifton Park Museum

Since Pokémon Go launched this summer, various creatures have been appearing in Clifton Park and Museum - and visitors have been trying to catch 'em all!

With 15 Pokéstops and three gyms located in Clifton Park and the Museum area, Rotherham is proving to be a real hot-spot for fans of the latest craze.

Wedding guests at the Museum even had an unexpected gate-crasher when one of their bridesmaids caught a Pokémon in her hands – you just never know where they will pop up next!

If you’d like to explore further when playing the game at Clifton Park Museum you can see Nelson the Lion who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, the Somme exhibition, the York and Lancaster Regimental Museum or pop into The Granary Café and have a cup of tea and a tasty treat! (You may have to share with a Pokemon though!).

Libraries around the Rotherham borough have also seen fans capturing the Pokémon Go creatures hiding amongst the book shelves. As Rotherham Libraries have over 70,000 books in their stocks, there are plenty of places to look, explore and loan a book too!

Social media users have been posting their discoveries online to share their findings and a Facebook group ‘Pokémon Go – Rotherham Area’ has been set up and has attracted an amazing 720 likes. The page has avid fans sharing hints, tips and pictures about the game.

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Working and Cultural Services, Cllr Taiba Yasseen, encouraged people to take part in the game in Clifton Park Museum or their local library. She said: “It’s good to get out and about in the summer holidays and have fun, and whether you’re playing Pokémon Go in Clifton Park and Museum or your local library, you’ll find there are plenty of other things to do and see as well.

“There have been sightings of ghost Pokémon’s near Marco the Bear in the Museum and you can find Pokémon creatures at the various Pokéstops in the Museum and local libraries.”

Cllr Yasseen added that Pokémon players should remember to stay safe and be aware of their surroundings: “Younger fans should play with their friends or family. And players should always be aware of, and respect their surroundings while playing.”

The NSPCC has produced a parents’ guide to Pokémon Go which gives tips and advice for keeping children safe on Pokémon Go.

Visit the NSPCC a parents' guide to Pokemon Go

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