Local cricketer bowled over by free bike scheme

Published Tuesday, 6th September 2016
Local cricketer bowled over by free bike scheme
Local cricketer bowled over by free bike scheme

A local cricketer is discovering the benefits of cycling with the help of a free bike loan scheme.

Attari Muhammad lives in Lahore, Pakistan, but plays for Treeton Cricket Club as their overseas professional.

The 25-year-old represented Pakistan Under 19s in the 2008 World Cup, before being taken on by Treeton Cricket Club three years ago. Six months of the year he lives, trains and plays in Rotherham before returning home in the winter months.

Up until being loaned a bike through the Cycleboost scheme, Attari was relying on team mates to transport him to games and training. Cycleboost is provided by Inmotion! and Rotherham Council and offers Rotherham residents the chance to try cycling for up to three months, for free.

Attari says the scheme has provided a convenient mode of transport for him – and given him other benefits.

“Fitness is very important for me as a bowler, as I have a very big run up. After three months, my legs are feeling stronger – cycling up and down the hills of Rotherham and Sheffield is very good for me!” he said.

The Club’s Treasurer Richard Hammerton also agrees the scheme has been positive for the club.

“Attari is a fit lad anyway, but we are obviously keen to keep him in peak performance. We also want to keep him safe – we don’t want him injured! - and Rotherham is a safe place to ride.”

Attari added: “The roads are good for cycling here and I feel much safer than on the roads in Pakistan. There are big wide roads. I love my country, but it’s a really good experience to come here.”

The Cycleboost scheme enables residents to borrow a pedal or electric bike together with all the accessories including helmets, bike locks and lights.

Alongside the free bike-loan element, you can also benefit from free maintenance sessions and learn about picking the best route, advanced commuter safety skills, and improve cycling confidence to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Throughout the loan period you can take your bike along for a free safety check-up at a local Dr Bike session. Any minor repairs or adjustments will be fixed on the spot for free; this includes replacing brake blocks and cables, oiling the chain and repair of punctures.

Rotherham Council’s Transportation and Traffic Manager Ian Ashmore said: “Dr Bike sessions are open to anyone with a bicycle, and are available at a range of locations across Rotherham.

“The cycle scheme also gives a chance for local businesses to support their employees in cycling safely, healthily and comfortably. Signing up to Inmotion! demonstrates a commitment to encourage cycling to and from work and helping your employees become healthier and even more productive when they are at work.”

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy Cllr Denise Lelliott is keen to promote the benefits of the scheme to those looking for a cheaper, more sustainable mode of transport.

She said: “By 2020, we want four out of five local journeys to be by bike, foot or public transport. This scheme offers great benefits and encourages more people to take up cycling, cutting congestion and offering a more healthy, affordable transport option.”

To find out how you can make the most of the free opportunities to cycle.

Go to the Cycleboost website