New opening times for Rotherham waste sites

Published Monday, 28th April 2014
Household waste recycling centre at Lidget Lane
Household Waste Recycling Centre

Rotherham recyclers are being reminded that from June each of the borough's four Household Waste Recycling Centres will be closed for one day each week.

From June 1, the four centres will close as follows:

  • Magilla, North Anston, will close on Tuesdays 
  • Car Hill Centre, Greasbrough, will close on Wednesdays
  • Warren Vale, Rawmarsh, will close on Thursdays
  • Lidget Lane, Bramley, will close on Fridays

On days when they are open, each centre will be available from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm during the summer period up to the end of September. An earlier closing time of 4:00 pm will still apply during the winter period from October to March.

Waste Manager Adrian Gabriel, said the Council has tried to minimise any inconvenience to Rotherham householders by ensuring that all Household Waste Recycling Centres remain open at weekends and that on any particular day no more than one centre is closed.

He added: "By taking this action we have ensured that no centre is closed completely and there will always be an alternative open in Rotherham for the public to use on days when their usual site is closed."

Rotherham permit holders with vehicles under 1.83 metres (six feet) in height, which are able to drive underneath the barrier at the site entrance, may use any alternative centre in Rotherham on days when their nominated centre is closed. Permit holders with vehicles higher than 1.83 metres (six feet) may use only the Car Hill or Magilla Centres.

Mr Gabriel added the partial closure of the sites is the best way to achieve savings while avoiding the need for any permanent closures. He said: "Most importantly, this will minimise the impact on the majority of the Rotherham public who use our sites.

"Cutting back on daily opening hours is not really an option because there would be little point in opening if we reduced the daily hours further. We hope that the public will understand that to achieve the required level of savings we need to do something that is the equivalent of closing one centre for four days per week. However, rather than unfairly disadvantaging one area we believe it should not be the same centre and so have spread the closures."

The management of the four centres is arranged through a contract with FCC Environment Limited and a variation to the contract has been agreed with them, which has avoided the need for any compulsory job losses as a result of these changes.

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