Time for celebration at the latest Towns and Villages Fund project

Cllr Sue Ellis, Cllr Chris Read and Cllr Emma Hoddinott at Wickersley's Towns and Village's Fund project
Cllr Sue Ellis, Cllr Chris Read and Cllr Emma Hoddinott at Wickersley's Towns and Village's Fund project

Local Ward Councillors have celebrated another success for Rotherham’s Towns and Villages programme, this time at Wickersley’s iconic clock tower.

Over the past few months, the Wickersley District Shopping Area on the north side of Bawtry Road has seen several improvements to the pedestrian area including resurfaced pathways and an improved seating area.

A variety of paving, tarmac and resin bonded aggregate has been used to make the pathways more even, as well as tying in with the nearby building’s aesthetics.

New seating areas have been created so that residents can meet with friends or family, or take a breather while visiting the nearby shops and restaurants.

Ward Councillors have also used funding from their ward budgets for a new electrical connection next to the improved seating. This will be installed in the coming weeks, which will allow for the final part of the footpath to be fully resurfaced.

Wickersley Clock Tower, the centre piece of the area, has been renovated and cleaned. New lights have also been installed to illuminate the clock at night.  

New planters will shortly be installed in key places along the site.

Ward Councillor for Wickersley North, Cllr Sue Ellis, said: “It is great to see the work on the Towns a Villages project has been completed and the area looking refreshed and reinvigorated. Over 400 metres of resurfacing on the pavements has taken place, making the area look so much better and making it a lot safer for pedestrians. Once the planters are installed, this will be a lovely place for people to use to meet with friends or take a break and watch the world go round.”

Ward Councillor for Wickersley North, Cllr Emma Hoddinott, said: “I am really happy to be here today at our lovely Towns and Villages project. We wanted to improve this area as it is an underused area of Wickersley due to the pavements being uneven and it overall looking a little bit unloved. After consulting with local residents and businesses, we developed the programme of improvements which you see here now, including the renovation of the clocktower. It is really nice to see our heritage protected and being restored.”

Rotherham Council Leader and Ward Councillor for Wickersley North, Cllr Chris Read, said: “This is a really important scheme which has improved one of the most popular areas in Wickersley, where there are a number of leisure and retail amenities. It has given the area a much-needed uplift. It shows just how important the Towns and Villages Fund projects are to local communities, in which the Council is spending an initial £4m on local centres. These projects will make a real difference to communities right across the borough.”

The Towns and Villages Fund is a multi-million pound commitment from Rotherham Council to deliver improvements to towns and village centres across the borough, including this project in Wickersley.

Further information about this scheme and others happening across the borough can be found at www.rotherham.gov.uk/villages.

Published: 7th March 2024