Changes planned for adult day care and transportation charges

Published Friday, 28th October 2016
Older person and carer
An older person and carer

On 14 November the Council's decision makers will consider revised charges for adult day care and transport following the Council's consultation in the summer.

If the proposals are agreed, the full charge for day care will be increased on a phased basis which will see a rise to £15 per session from 1 January 2017 and then to £30 per session from 1 October 2017. 

Transport costs will rise by £1.50 to £5 per return journey from January 2017. However in light of the consultation response, the Council will recommend not to proceed with a bigger rise in transport charges (to £10) from October 2017.

Day care charges are based on a nationally agreed financial assessment. 55 percent of users in Rotherham do not make any financial contribution following their individual assessment, with the remaining 45 percent making a contribution based on their ability to pay. Only 33 of the 373 people who currently use the service pay the full charge.

The actual cost to the Council of providing day care is between £50 and £60 per session. Rotherham's new day care charges will eventually be comparable to neighbouring authorities where charges range from £28 to £40.

The recommendation to implement the new charges follows a 61 day consultation which began in July and 656 responses were received.

Rotherham Council's Advisory Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Councillor David Roche, said: "If approved, the charges for day care will be implemented on a phased basis. Day care customers will only be charged for what they can afford to pay in line with our charging policy. 

"I understand that some service users and their families have expressed concerns, but I am assured that we are taking a responsible decision to minimise the impact whilst bringing our charges into line with other local authorities at a time when the Council's budget is being squeezed. 

"We have listened carefully to the biggest concern expressed by the public regarding a potential increase in transport charges to £10, and will not now proceed with this larger increase."

The review of the provision of day care services is part of the Adult Care Development Programme which aims to modernise existing services, invest in community assets and achieve better outcomes for customers.