Break-Out Arts

  • Activity type: Arts
  • Area: Central
  • Cost: Free

Activity Summary

Drama and Media sessions.

The sessions will involve group warm ups and drama games, creative activities to get ideas flowing and getting the group to know one another and build confidence. Then we will begin with a theme and work in small groups to plan a story board and short simple scripts for small films that we will make together in teams. Once filming is complete over 10 weeks we will edit and screen it. We will do 3 films between groups over 35 weeks, edit and screen them!

Break-Out Arts

Activity Description

Participants can come and enjoy working with other young people who are interested in creating short films through drama, creative writing, story boarding, directing, acting, and editing and see their short films screened! All young people aged 13-18 years are welcome and we encourage regular attendance over 35 weeks, but will accept walk ins if they then attend regularly. It is first come, first served and if some do not attend regularly their place may be given to others who wish to attend. Just tell us in advance if you can’t make a date or if ill and we can work with you.

Break out arts 2

Drama and film have always interested me and give me a chance to develop my creative talents in a way that no other form of education or club does.

Activity dates and times

Every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm.

Sessions run from the 7th June 2023 until the end of March 2024 (excluding school holidays).


Activity Location