• Activity type: Social
  • Area: South
  • Cost: Free

Activity Summary

LGBTQ Youth club and alternative group.

Our LGBTQ group provides a wide range of positive activities and support that enables space away from our busy open access sessions to focus on priorities and issues for LGBTQ young people. Young people from this group access a wide range of positive activities and support that builds skills, confidence, and self-esteem.


Activity content

Here at JADE Youth & Community we believe all young people should have access to opportunities that support them to grow and achieve in life, we also believe that all communities should have access to services that improve the lives of those that live within them.

JADE provides a wide range of activities that support this aim from our Youth & Community Centre based in Dinnington.

We offer positive social and learning opportunities that divert young people from negative behaviour, raise their confidence and self esteem and builds skills through the provision of our Junior and senior youth clubs.

We support academic learning and achievement and re-engage young people back into education through our alternative education provision.

We provide an accredited Math's and English offer and SEMH support that enables young people to grow, succeed and reach their full potential.

The Breadth of knowledge of how to engage with young people is beyond most youth workers - JADE have an energy and passion usually only found in the voluntary sector

Activity dates and times

Monday 4pm to 6pm


Activity Location