NovaCity Parkour Centre

  • Activity type: Sports
  • Area: Central
  • Cost: Free

Activity Summary

NovaCity provides community based physical activities to primarily young people across South Yorkshire. Our Bespoke environment includes the UK’s largest indoor Parkour Park, sponge pit, dance studio, sprung floor and matted floor. The centre is designed to nurture young people abilities in their chosen art form for long term positive effects throughout their time with us.

NovaCity facilities

Activity Description

NovaCity provides two options for participation.

  1. Class based learning. Participants join one of the many classes per taught by our expert instructors. The classes all have a purpose and an overall structure to ensure growth
  2. Open sessions. These sessions are supervised, not instructed. They are less formal. Allowing for free play and expression that we have discovered works so well as a balance to the structure of our syllabus

NovaCity boy jumping from block

NovaCity boy doing a somersault

NovaCity boy jumping from block

Activity dates and times

Friday: 6 years old to 10years old from 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Friday: 11 years old-16 years old from 7.30pm to 9pm

NovaCity boy jumping over obstacle NovaCity dance group NovaCity boy doing somersault

Activity Location