RUCST - New York Stadium

  • Activity type: Sports
  • Area: Central
  • Cost: Free

Activity Summary

Youth HUB New York Stadium.

RUCST’s Youth HUB sessions provide engagement opportunities for young people aged 10-17 to attend weekly provision at open access facilities around Rotherham.

RUCST girls learning football skills

Activity Description

Indoor physical activity, youth club, game consoles and educational workshops.

Each session allows participants to be involved in physical sporting activities, meet new people, play PS5/Xbox, pool, board games, arts and crafts and lots of other youth engagement opportunities.

Whilst attending these sessions, participants will be involved in educational workshops to help support young people's developments away from school.

RUCST girl learning football skills

Our club is great, we hang out with our mates, play pool, have visitors and get to have our voice heard around what we would change in our community. RUCST really support us to do more and give us so many opportunities.

Activity dates and times

Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm


Activity Location