Towns and Villages Fund: Rawmarsh East Ward

Site Selected

Broad Street shopping area, concentrating on the area from the Parkgate roundabout to the junction with Hollybush Street.

The proposal will look to generally improve the appearance of the area and add elements of soft landscaping.

Broad street

Current Site Issues

In 2023 Rawmarsh East ward will celebrate 200 years of Parkgate, highlighting the important industrial heritage of this part of the Borough. To tie in with these celebrations, this Towns and Villages project will uplift the appearance of Broad Street, part of the District Shopping Area, where a number of the celebrations are planned to take place.  

The Broad Street area lacks focal points, planting throughout the area requires enhancement and existing street furniture is inconsistent and appears dated in places. It is considered that a general uplift of the area is required to provide an improved environment for local businesses, customers, residents and people passing through the area.

Pedestrian area
Road junction at parkgate

Initial Proposal

The proposals will focus on three key areas; the roundabout, the Acorn Park and the existing planter on the junction with Hollybush Street. Where possible, locations for additional planters will also be sought.

At the Parkgate roundabout, it is proposed to create a gateway feature to provide a sense of arrival into Parkgate. The provision of additional tree and shrub planting will also be considered.

The Acorn Park is an asset to the local area, providing a space for people to sit down, rest and socialise. At present the area has become a little tired and neglected. It is proposed to rejuvenate the area by providing contemporary street furniture, enhanced soft landscaping and to generally clean up are refresh the area.

It is proposed to enhance the existing planter at the junction with Hollybush Street to provide more of a focal point. This will be achieved by providing replacement planting and potentially a specimen tree, to add a vertical element.

Sketch of masterplan

Scheme Progress and Next Steps

Community consultation took place throughout November 2022. Feedback from the consultation was evaluated and incorporated into final proposals, where possible.

Planning permission for the gateway feature on the roundabout was secured in May 2023 (see image below).

L5067 306 gatewayfeature illustrative visuals

It is hoped that work will commence on refreshing the Acorn Park and the Hollybush Street planter in late spring. The gateway feature will be installed later in 2023.  


Rawmarsh flower beds
Rawmarsh flower beds
Rawmarsh flower beds

For further information on this scheme please contact the Local Neighbourhoods Team:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - Julie Colley


Telephone: 01709 255422

Senior Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - Nicola Hacking


Telephone: 01709 254376