Towns and Villages Fund: Rawmarsh West Ward

Site selected

The area selected for improvements through the Towns and Villages Fund for the Rawmarsh West ward is the Manor Farm Shopping Area, Central Drive, Rawmarsh.

Manor Farm Shopping Area, Central Drive, Rawmarsh.

Current site issues

Access to the shopping area, from car parks and residential properties beyond Central Drive, would benefit from visual enhancement and improved accessibility. Currently, there is a bin store in this area, providing a prominent feature.

The central greenspace at the shopping area has an attractive mature tree and stone monument. While these are beneficial assets to the area, further works to enhance the setting of these features and the general appearance of the shopping area would be of benefit.

There are examples of dated street furniture across the area, such as concrete bollards. There is also a redundant telephone box within the shopping area.

Mature tree and stone monument
Bin store near the shops

Initial proposal

The proposal will improve access to and the overall appearance of this local shopping area.

Access from the car parking areas will be improved through the provision of a curved link path with steps. An informal crossing point will be created, and the bin store will be relocated and screened with planting.

The central greenspace will be enhanced with planting and the creation of a seating area. Large expanses of tarmac will be softened with additional landscaping and bulb planting. Resurfacing works will take place as required and dated features, such as bollards, will be replaced.

Sketch of the masterplan

Scheme progress and next steps

The above concept design has been developed and a period of consultation with local residents and businesses will take place. Feedback from the consultation will be evaluated and incorporated into the final design.

It is hoped that work will start around Spring 2023.


This scheme has now been successfully completed.

For further information on this scheme please contact the Local Neighbourhoods Team:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - Julie Colley


Telephone: 01709 255422

Senior Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - Nicola Hacking


Telephone: 01709 254376