Pavement parking

Please be considerate to your neighbours by not parking on pavements.

Pavement parking causes a lot of problems. It makes it difficult for pedestrians to use the pavement, especially the elderly, persons with a disability and those using wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs. They may even have to use the road. Parking on a grass verge causes a slip hazard, leaves mud on the road and damages verges.

We are working to stop pavement parking to make our communities safer. As well as telling people about the problems caused, we are enforcing parking restrictions with yellow lines where necessary. We are also introducing bollards and other new restrictions to prevent footway parking, where it is an ongoing problem.

Where yellow lines are in place (enforcing waiting restrictions), pavement parking is not allowed on a verge or footway behind the line. You must not park on the pavement for any reason. If you do, you may receive a fine. Action may also be taken to recover the cost of replacing the verge.

We want pedestrians to feel safe in our neighbourhoods. If you are experiencing problems of ongoing pavement parking, you can let us know by completing this form. We will confirm that the form has been received and your request will be assessed and possibly considered for future work programmes.