Request a Pedestrian Tactile Crossing or a Single Pedestrian Dropped Kerb

Types of Crossings

What is a tactile pedestrian dropped crossing?

A tactile pedestrian dropped crossing is a lowered kerb that helps pedestrians cross the road safely. It is usually found at road junctions and has buff tactile paving (raised bumps on the ground) to warn visually impaired pedestrians of the potential hazard.

Why are tactile pedestrian dropped crossings important?

Tactile pedestrian dropped crossings make it easier for everyone to cross the road safely, but they are especially important for visually impaired pedestrians. The tactile paving helps them to identify the crossing point and avoid stepping into the road.

Where can I find tactile pedestrian dropped crossings?

Tactile pedestrian dropped crossings can be found at many different locations, including:

  • Road junctions
  • Zebra crossings
  • Pelican crossings
  • Puffin crossings
  • Toucan crossings

Tactile crossing installation

Non-tactile dropped kerbs

We also install single dropped footway kerbs without tactile paving to help people access the footway where tactile paving is not suitable for the site. This might be because the kerb is on a narrow road or a bend, or because there are other obstacles nearby.

Single footway dropped access kerb