Sharps and medical waste

Removal of sharps from your home

The Council will collect and dispose of domestic medical waste such as swabs, dressings, needles and syringes from residential properties. This is a free and confidential service.

Small knives, table knives, kitchen knives, scissors, pins, needles and similar items should be wrapped to prevent injury and placed with general waste.

The Council provides a free, confidential service for the collection and disposal of domestic medical waste such as swabs, dressings, needles and used syringes.

Report sharps or medical waste for removal

If you find sharps in the street

If needles, syringes and other medical waste are found on the highway or public land:

Drug litter found within domestic gardens or on private land, should be reported to and dealt with by the occupier or the landowner.

The Council can take action if it does pose a health risk or nusiance.

Telephone: 01709 336003

Large knives or combat knives

Larger or combat knives should be treated as weapons and reported to the Police.

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