Starting secondary School

Starting secondary school September 2021

If your child was born between 1st September 2009 and 31st August 2010, you need to apply now for a secondary school place for September 2021.

The online application service is now closed. Please contact the Admissions Team on 01709 823777 to make an application.

The Government has deemed that the National Closing Date for receipt of applications for this year group is 31st October 2020. You are advised to submit your application by this date.

In agreement with Sheffield and Barnsley authorities, Rotherham will consider all applications for a Rotherham school received up to and including 30th November 2020 in the first round of offers made on the National Offer Day 1st March 2021. ALL applications received after 30th November will be considered late applications and will not be included in the first round of offers made. Therefore, if your application is late, you will be far less likely to get a place at your preferred school.

However, other local authorities will have different admission arrangements to Rotherham therefore, if you are including a school in another authority on your application, we strongly advise you to check this with the relevant authority before submitting your application.

If you do not live in Rotherham, contact your local Admissions Team for further advice. Applications made direct to us from non-Rotherham residents cannot be accepted.

Any reference to secondary school includes aided schools and academies.


Rotherham Borough Council takes very seriously any attempt to gain an advantage in the admissions process by giving false information. It is important that the admissions system is fair for everybody. Nobody should be allowed to cheat by using a friend or relative’s address, a business address or by temporarily renting a property near to a popular school. Each year a number of parents try to get a school place by providing false information, which could result in them taking a place that should have gone to another child.

The Local Authority will investigate all instances where a parent is thought to have provided false or misleading information in order to gain admission to a school. Your address will be checked by reference to various records and, if necessary, by a council officer visiting the application address. A false application may, in addition to possible prosecution, lead to the withdrawal of your child’s place in the school applied for, even if the child has already started school.

Wickersley School and Sports College - Amendment to Admission Criteria

The Governing Body of Wickersley School and Sports College, as the Admission Authority for the school, have determined a change in their admissions policy relating to the sibling criteria.

Parents should note that for applications requesting a place in Year 7, with effect from September 2021, Wickersley School and Sports College will no longer consider any older child who is or will be on roll in their sixth form within their sibling criteria and will only consider:

  • Children who, on 30th November 2020, it is expected will have an older brother or sister on the roll of the school in Years 8-11 at the start of the academic year 2021.

Children in the following year groups will no longer be considered as a qualifying sibling under the school’s admission criteria:

  • Children who will be in Year 12 in the 2021/22 academic year
  • Children who will be in Year 13 in the 2021/22 academic year


We are happy to talk through any queries you have. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us should you have anything you wish to ask or discuss; we are here to help. 

Use the Admissions Enquiry form on our website: or email [email protected]

If you submitted your application online you can log into your account on 1st March 2021 to view your school place offer.  You will need to know your login details – the email account and password you used when you made your application.  If you need a password reset, please ring us on 01709 823777 and we can send you a reset password link.

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