Training, learning and development

At Rotherham Council, we are committed to supporting employee learning and development as well as apprenticeship training. We believe that it is vital to have a flexible, innovative and high-performing workforce, one that is equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to meet both the current and future needs of the Council.

Our employees have access to appropriate learning opportunities in order to develop the skills and knowledge they need to work effectively and efficiently, both face-to-face (where possible) and online. The Council’s values are embedded within learning and development activities and as an organisation, we promote a culture of independent and continuous learning as well as continuous professional development.

A key aspects of the Council’s approach to learning and development is the Performance & Development Review (PDR) process Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs) play a critical role in delivering the Council's Corporate Plans and Priorities. 

We also offer a range of apprenticeship training across a range of professions and job roles for both new starters and existing employees. One programme on offer specifically for our leaders and managers is the Rotherham Leader programme. This is an organisation-driven programme that will help our leaders fulfil their potential and enable them to further their career in management and leadership.

National training and skills organisations

National Careers Service

Skills Funding Agency

Local training and skills organisations