Joint Working Agreement

In 2006, the Council and the Local Councils of Rotherham agreed to publish a Joint Working Agreement which sets out best practice and how they aim to work together to benefit our local communities/people.

This Agreement is intended to be a starting point, a commitment to work together, and a statement of principles by which the Council and the Local Councils can approach their work together.

The Council acknowledges that local councils are the level of local government closest to the community and recognises the valuable role they have in providing services and representing their communities.

The Council recognises local councils’ democratic legitimacy and legal independence. Local Councils and the Council recognise each other as independent authorities legitimised through the democratic process.

The Council supports and encourages the development of Local Councils as democratically accountable bodies having local governance responsibilities and local representational authority to shape the decisions that affect their communities.

In turn, Local Councils recognise the strategic role of Rotherham Council and the distribution of services which it must achieve. Local councils support the strategies of the borough council.

Download the Joint Working Agreement

Strategies, plans and policies