Towns and Villages Fund: Wales Ward

Site Selected

It is proposed that this scheme will look to make improvements along the route of the B6059 (School Road, Wales Road, and Station Road).

wales road

Current Site Issues

It is considered that the area selected would benefit from general upgrades to the public realm to improve the overall appearance for local residents, businesses and visitors to the area.

The below map indicates the site area and highlights some of the potential interventions that could be carried out through the Towns and Villages Fund. This has been developed to assist pre-design consultation and we welcome any feedback on this or alternative ideas for the scheme in this area.

Pit Wheel
Pit Wheel 2
Wales Parish Council Recreation ground
Kiveton Park Library

Details of the Proposal

Following the pre-design consultation, a concept design has been devolved which looks to enhance the public realm throughout the area.

The proposal includes enhancement of the setting of Kiveton Park Library with improved surfacing and soft landscaping.

The pit wheels at Wales Bar and Station Road are proposed to be enhanced to form gateway features with hedging, shubs, bulbs, and wildflower planting.

Strategic greening is also proposed across the area the area to link the sites and provide interest along the route.

Wales Concept plan. Covering School road, Wales Road, and Station Road

Scheme Progress and Next Steps

Soft works have commenced. It is hoped that the hard works will commence early 2024. 

For further information on this scheme please contact the Local Neighbourhoods Team:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - Nicky Whitehead


Telephone: 07717451141

Senior Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - Andrea Peers


Telephone: 07717450973