Flood investigation report for South Anston, North Anston, Dinnington and Hellaby

On 19 July 2014 the borough experienced some localised, intense but brief rainstorms. These storms caused internal flooding to properties in several areas.

We received reports of internal flooding in South Anston, North Anston, Dinnington and Hellaby. These areas are all in the south east of the borough. There were also reports of roads and gardens flooding throughout the borough. The majority of these reports also came from the south east.

The rainfall in this case does not appear to have been exceptional. The flooding affected only a few properties, most of which had flooded before.

We have prepared a report as required by section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. The report looks at the reasons for the flooding and how we can manage this in future. 

Download the report