Surface Water Management Plan

Surface Water Management Plan for Wath upon Dearne

Our Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment of June 2011 identified Wath as a risk area. The characteristics of the area meant that further investigation would help manage this risk.

Wath is not a flood risk area of national significance. The surface water management plan helps us better understand flood risk in the area. It also supports the development of our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

The plan examines the current and future risk of flooding due to exceptional rainfall. The future risk assessment allows for things like development, population growth and climate change. The plan also makes suggestions for managing the risk of surface water flooding.

The plan recommendations include:

  • Forming a partnership with interested parties to execute the action plan
  • Refinement of the flooding model to improve confidence in its outcomes
  • Investigation and improvement of local water quality
  • Undertaking a detailed assessment and design process if implementing any of the identified options
  • Reviewing the plan every three years

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