Website statistics

See the performance of our website. Stay updated on key metrics such as page views and user activity data.

Statistics overview

Reliable performance is important in order to encourage and maintain the usage of quality web-based services. Our aim is to have the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council website available for use at all times throughout the year.

This is not always possible due to essential maintenance, but we are committed to keeping our site available and online as consistently as we can.

Month Page views User
January 2023 951,318 142,986
December 2022 737,528 115,104
November 2022 669,473 112,484
October 2022 689,720 112,965
September 2022 737,351 120,878
August 2022 718,241 120,459
July 2022 723,353 122,939
June 2022 747,101 116,319
May 2022 827,278 124,118
April 2022 803,692 117,472
March 2022 936,046 129,069
February 2022 796,536 115,571

Statistics explained

Pages viewed: This figure represents the total number of pages requested from the website. If a user visits a page more than once during the same session or in the relevant period, it is added to the total amount.

Users: This figure represents the total number of users who have used our website. If a user visits our website more than once, it is counted towards the total amount.