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Before completing this form, ensure that you read and understand the following:

Volunteer Snow Wardens help to clear snow and ice from their own communities. They are an invaluable resource during periods of winter weather.

Third Party Claims

If you are concerned about third party claims please be reassured:

  • Residents salting in a public spirited manner will not be sued for compensation
  • Should a third party have an accident as a result of their actions, then the liability will remain with the Council as Highway Authority

Snow Warden Guidance and Health and Safety Advice 

As a volunteer Snow Warden your main duties will be to:

  • Clear snow and ice from footways and pedestrian areas
  • Spread de-icer to make walkways safer for users

You will be expected to:

  • Follow personal safety measures as detailed below
  • Remain in regular contact with the Winter Weather team via email

As a volunteer the Council will provide you with the following equipment:

  • High visibility vest
  • Suitable gloves
  • Snow shovel
  • Rock salt (25kg bags)

Please note: Deliveries for the above items will be within 10 working days.

You will need to ensure you have:

  • Warm clothing and non-slip footwear
  • A charged mobile phone

Personal Safety Measures

  • Only clear snow from footways and pedestrian areas
  • Do not clear snow/ ice from roads
  • Limit your times and have regular breaks
  • Let people know where you are and when you are expected to return
  • Always try to face oncoming traffic when working near a road
  • Make sure your non-slip footwear is in good condition and has plenty of tread
  • Wear gloves and always wash your hands when you have finished work
  • Make sure you wrap up warm and if possible, take in plenty of hot drinks
  • Use the snow shovel and de-icer as shown
  • When clearing snow from footways, always clear a line down the middle of the path first. This will provide you with a safer surface to walk on and allow you to then shovel snow from the centre to the sides
  • Spread rock salt as you progress to stop ice forming on the area you have cleared
  • Walk only on the areas you have treated to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Use the sun to your advantage. Removing the top layer of snow will allow the sun to melt any ice beneath the surface. You must remember to cover the cleared area with rock salt to stop it from refreezing overnight
  • Moving snow and spreading rock salt can be hard work so take it easy if it is a while since you last did any manual work
  • When lifting always bend your knees, not your back. DO NOT try to move or lift anything that is too heavy
  • Always take extra care when walking on slopes and on icy areas
  • DO NOT use hot water to melt the snow, this will create black ice
  • If you have children with you ensure they are supervised at all times
  • Report ALL accidents, incidents, or near misses that involve you or those working with you

Suggested Areas to Clear

  • Access to residential care homes
  • Routes to community centres
  • Approaches to schools
  • Approaches to health centres
  • Approaches to doctors’ surgeries
  • Bus stops
  • Road crossing points

Contact Information

Email our winter maintenance team

In an emergency please call 01709 336003

Wherever possible, email to let us know you are going out to do your snow warden duties and let us know you have returned home.

Use the form below to apply to become a Snow Warden.

Apply to be a snow warden