Planning and Development: Apply for street naming or numbering


The Council controls the naming and numbering of streets and buildings in the Rotherham area.

Use this form to apply for a new postal address if you are a resident or developer:

  • Building new houses, commercial or industrial premises
  • Converting residential, commercial or industrial premises to create new properties or premises or converting flats or sub dwellings into one property
  • Reporting a change of plans on a development after property numbers have already been assigned (known as 'readdressing after notification')
  • Wishing to add or change a name for a new or existing property
  • Needing a letter to confirm new or existing address details

You should make an application in the early stages of any new build. Utility companies may be reluctant to install a service where an official postal address has not been allocated.

Postcodes and postal districts

Royal Mail controls the allocation of postcodes and postal districts.

Royal Mail will not allocate a postcode unless they have received formal notification from the Council of a new address or street name.


Your application should include a site plan, preferably to scale (1:1250, 1:1000 or 1:500 are most suitable). The plan should show existing road names, property numbers and enough of the surrounding area so that it can be referenced to Ordnance Survey mapping data.

For multi-storey buildings, please provide a floor plan showing plot numbers for each level. Please clearly mark postal delivery points with an arrow and plot numbers (if appropriate).


Payment for the service you wish to request must be made online (by entering debit or credit card details) within this form. If you are unable to pay by this method there is an option to arrange a BACS transfer.

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