Report a benefits change of address

Please use this form to tell us about a change of address if you already receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support in Rotherham.

You must complete this form within 45 minutes of starting. Please have any supporting documents ready to upload before you start.

If you don't already receive benefit in Rotherham

You will need to make a new claim with us if:

  • You don't receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support at your old address
  • You are moving to Rotherham from another area

When should you tell us about a move?

You should tell us about your move as soon as possible. If you don't tell us within a month of the date you move, you may miss out on any extra benefit you might be entitled to.

If your benefit payments have been suspended awaiting this change of address information, your benefit may be terminated if you do not provide what we need within one month of payments being suspended.

You can tell us about a planned change of address before you actually move, but we will ask you to confirm some details after you have moved.

What you need to provide

Unless you are renting your new home from Rotherham Council, you must provide something to show the rent and tenancy details for your new home.

This could be your tenancy agreement, rent book or a letter from your landlord.

You can attach a photo, scanned image or document to this form. If you can't do this for any reason, you provide your evidence later - but we cannot pay any Housing Benefit for your new address without this information.