Request sandbags if your home is at risk of flooding

Please use this form to request sandbags during times of flooding. Local Authorities do not have a duty to provide materials for flood protection however we do try to provide sandbags to homes that are at imminent risk of flooding.

Sandbags can minimise flooding in some cases but they will not protect your home completely. Once delivered, you are responsible for placing and disposing of the sandbags. Sandbags are heavy and you should take care when lifting them.

We cannot provide sandbags for the protection of:

  • Commercial properties
  • Non-residential outbuildings
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Gardens

During severe weather conditions we cannot guarantee that we will be able to attend to all requests or that we will attend before flooding occurs. As an emergency measure you can fill carrier bags with soil and use them in place of sandbags.