Get involved with leasehold services

Why get involved?

If you are included on our customer involvement database we will contact you, using your preferred contact method, whenever we need to consult with our customers. This may include;

  • Changes to current service delivery arrangements
  • Development of customer service standards and commitments
  • Setting and monitoring performance measures
  • Reviewing key policies and procedures
  • Reviewing service charges

How will involvement take place?

We will aim to involve people through electronic means wherever possible, such as through emails, online surveys and telephone surveys, to help ensure that you can be involved in a way which is convenient to you. There may be occasional meetings or forums held, however there would be no obligation to attend.

How to get involved

Just let us know your preferences using the form below and we’ll add you to our involvement database. If you want to be removed from our involvement database at any time, you can email us at