Bramley and Ravenfield Ward

Thrybergh Country Park

Contact Your Local Neighbourhoods Team

Nicola Harding: Neighbourhood Coordinator for Bramley and Ravenfield

Telephone: 07748 143255

Nicola Hacking: Senior Neighbourhood Coordinator

Telephone: 01709 254376

About Bramley and Ravenfield ward

Bramley and Ravenfield ward lies in the north east of the Borough, with a population of 9,395 (2019 population estimate). The ward covers a large rural area but most people live in the Bramley area along with Ravenfield Common. North of the main residential area the ward is rural with the villages of Hooton Roberts and Ravenfield set in open countryside including part of Thrybergh Country Park. To the east of Bramley, the ward borders junction one of the M18 motorway.

Map of Bramley and Ravenfield Ward