Adult Care, Housing and Public Health Market Position Statement: Procurement Opportunities

Social Value

The Council is committed to supporting the principles of the Social Value policy.

Social value is defined by the Social Value hub as:

The benefit to the community from a commissioning or procurement process over and above the direct purchasing of goods, services and outcomes.

The Council has committed to a 20% social value pledge for all procurement processes over £100,000 per annum, and these providers are mandated to complete regular returns via the Social Value Portal.

Social value Graphic

The Social Value Policy sets out 6 key outcomes:

  1. Raising living standards for residents.
  2. A strong local economy with employment and skills opportunities and a growing business base.
  3. Young people have the opportunity to develop skills and find worthwhile employment.
  4. Equality of opportunity for disadvantaged people and communities including disabled people.
  5. Strengthened and sustainable community and voluntary sector.
  6. Greater environmental sustainability including accessible green public spaces.

Together the Council and providers can enhance the services delivered having measurable outcomes that will help improve the lives of people accessing cares, people delivering care and services and the environment of the Borough through our commitment to social value.

Read our Social Value Policy and our Social Value Commissioning Toolkit.

Ethical Care Charter

The Council signed up to Unisons Ethical Care Charter on the 20th February 2020.

Here is an overview of the commitments expected:

  • All home care firms contracted to work for Council will at least pay real living wage.
  • Zero hours contracts not in place of permanent contracts.
  • Covered by an occupational sick pay scheme.
  • Work with providers and trade unions to agree how service quality will be monitored and compliance with the charter assured.
  • Home care workers will be paid for their travel time, travel costs and other necessary expenses such as mobile phones.
  • Workers have the freedom to provide appropriate care and will be given time to talk to their clients.

Ethical procurement