Weddings and Ceremonies at Approved Premises

Weddings and Ceremonies at Approved Premises

Currently, since the publication of the COVID-19 RESPONSE − SPRING 2021( roadmap, ceremonies with up to limited numbers of people in attendance are permitted to go ahead with restrictions easing in line with roadmap steps – subject to the four tests being met as detailed within the roadmap.

Each step confirms the maximum number of persons present at each step but it is important to remember that the number of guests that can attend a ceremony at any venue is determined by two-metre distancing capabilities and government guidance on small ceremonies and associated venue risk assessment. The maximum number of persons does include the couple, two witnesses and all guests inclusive of babies and children. Read the government guidance on weddings here.

Face coverings are required by law to be worn in a greater number of public indoor settings including register offices and approved premises for civil ceremonies. Read the guidance on face coverings 

The content of the ceremony is reduced and as such no readings are permitted within the ceremony at present. Limited photography and some live music are permitted. Please discuss any live music requests with the Registration Team prior to your ceremony.

Legislative Change

From 4th May, following a significant change in legislation the traditional marriage register will be abolished. All couples marrying at any venue in England and Wales from the date of commencement of this new legislation will be required to sign the Marriage Schedule. The General Register Office for England and Wales have prepared the following information for couples;

Marriage in a Civil or Religious Building (other than Church of England/Wales) - General Register Office

If you would like to make a new ceremony booking or have an enquiry regarding an existing booking for a ceremony, please contact the Registration Service using the contact form below with your names, time and date of your ceremony booking and the name of the venue.

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Below is a list of venues in Rotherham where civil marriage and civil partnerships can take place


The following information confirms Registrar’s attendance fees to conduct and register your marriage, civil partnership or other celebratory ceremony;

Link to Registration Fees

COVID Safety Information

Each venue has its own risk assessment in place for ceremonies and associated events. Please consult with your chosen venue directly on these.

The government guidance advises that people should continue wearing face coverings in enclosed and crowded, spaces. If the ventilation is poor in a room due to unopenable windows or external doors, all guests should continue to wear face coverings throughout the ceremony.

Please do bear in mind the safety measures are to protect yourselves and your guests but also the staff at each venue and any other visitors / ceremonies they have. All businesses have a duty of care to their staff and their customers so may have retained some safety measures, particularly given the high infection rates both locally and nationally.

It is advisable to request your guests undertake a lateral flow test the day of the ceremony to ensure no person is attending who is asymptomatic. If the lateral flow test is positive persons should isolate and undertake a PCR test in accordance with government health guidance. In addition to this all persons are to continue to use the QR venue check in codes on arrival at the venue and follow any measures in place as requested.