Children's Services: Ofsted report

The Ofsted inspection team visited Rotherham Council in late June, speaking to lots of local children, young people, families about their experiences, interviewing social workers, senior staff, councillors and partner organisations and scrutinising a raft of case files.

Here's what the Inspectors said:

  • “The local authority manages to continue to recruit and retain highly experienced social workers”
  • “Regular supervision and management support ensure that there is a clear and consistent approach to supporting families and responding to risk”
  • “Newly qualified workers report positively on the support they receive and opportunities for further development, supported by advanced practitioners and the principal social worker"
  • “Managers are passionate about improving children’s lives in Rotherham”
  • Caseloads allow workers to engage in well-focused direct work with the children”
  • “The director of children’s service is an inspirational leader with an excellent knowledge of the service. She has a relentless commitment to further develop children’s services”
  • “Staff and managers speak highly of the training offer available to them through the Rotherham Learning Academy”
  • “Workers report how much they enjoy working for Rotherham, and that they feel professionally challenged and highly supported”

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