Building Stronger Communities Initiatives and Grants Fund 2020-21

Appendix 1: Building Stronger Communities Initiatives and Grants Fund – Framework for activity



(N.B. these outcomes are examples and not exhaustive)

Theme 1 - Thriving Neighbourhoods

  • Initiatives that support volunteering, the Rotherham Community Hub and developing Rotherham Hero volunteers
  • Projects building on Thriving Neighbourhoods strategy
  • Projects that develop community resilience and support self-help
  • Increase in volunteering
  • Increasing community resilience
  • people from different backgrounds have the chance to interact
  • communities are strong and help people to feel safe

Theme 2 – Better Health and Wellbeing

  • Projects that tackle health inequalities with a focus on integrated working
  • Projects that support residents in the creative recovery process in the wake of Covid 19
  • Projects that support vulnerable families/children and young people
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Reduced vulnerability
  • Reduced loneliness and isolation

Theme 3 – Economic Recovery

  • Initiatives that focus on place & social value and regeneration
  • Projects that support children and young people with school attainment and apprenticeships
  • Addressing other identified and evidenced barriers to integration and social and economic inclusion
  • Increase in employment
  • Improved English language skills
  • Improved academic achievement for children and young people
  • Improved employability skills

Theme 4 – New Ways of Working

  • Address new ways of working including meeting Covid-secure standards in community settings
  • Projects that enable and support residents to access services online and reduce digital exclusion
  • Organisations equipped to deliver services in a safe and secure way
  • Organisations equipped to deliver services in a safe and secure way

Theme 5 – Hope and Confidence in Rotherham

  • Projects that enable marginalised groups and increase confidence to access services
  • Initiatives that improve the local environment
  • Projects that aim to tackle the causes of hate crime and support community resilience
  • Projects that support effective communications and community engagement related to the Covid Local Outbreak Control Plan
  • Increased confidence in accessing local services
  • Increased participation by marginalised groups
  • Local areas are clean and welcoming
  • Improved community relations and resilience