Brinsworth ward

Ward plan

Providing vibrant, connected and safe neighbourhoods is a priority for Rotherham Council and communities are at the heart of everything we do.  Brinsworth Ward Councillors were elected to listen to your views and work with you to make a difference in the local community.

We know many of our residents are passionate about making their community a better place to live and we are here to work in partnership and make these improvements a reality.  Councillors used a range of information – listening to local residents and council staff, looking at statistics and other data – to develop these ward priorities:

Brinsworth Ward priorities

Priority 1: A cleaner and greener Brinsworth

  • Support litter picking, community clean ups and environmental improvement days
  • Develop and support tree planting schemes and enhance the natural environment through wildflower and bulb planting opportunities
  • Work with schools to raise awareness of nature and protecting the natural environment 


Priority 2: A safer Brinsworth

  • Work with the Police, local groups, and partners to tackle issues in hotspot areas and deliver community safety events 
  • Support road safety initiatives 
  • Support initiatives that ensure people of all ages feel safe within their neighbourhood


Priority 3: A community focused Brinsworth

  • Support local community groups and organisations to develop and deliver community-based activities
  • Work with schools in Brinsworth to develop a programme of activities and opportunities for students to participate in
  • Engage with Libraries, community centre's and Parish Council's and support them to deliver projects and activities within the ward
  • Support community cohesion initiatives that bring people together


Priority 4: A more active Brinsworth

  • Encourage families to become more active by taking part in the Brinsworth Jubilee Trail
  • Support and develop projects that will increase the appeal and usage of parks and open spaces
  • Support local sports clubs and recreational grounds to maintain amenities and continue to provide a variety of options to stay active
  • Support projects that promote healthy lifestyles, physical and mental health