Rotherham West ward

Ward plan

Providing vibrant, connected and safe neighbourhoods is a priority for Rotherham Council and communities are at the heart of everything we do. Rotherham West Ward Councillors were elected to listen to your views and work with you to make a difference in the local community.

We know many of our residents are passionate about making their community a better place to live and we are here to work in partnership and make these improvements a reality.  Councillors used a range of information – listening to local residents and council staff, looking at statistics and other data – to develop these ward priorities:

Rotherham West Ward priorities

Priority 1: Work with our communities to protect the local environment 

  • Develop and deliver a Ferham Action Plan engaging the local community 
  • Take action to prevent and respond to environmental concerns
  • Ensure CCTV details are logged and any CCTV is in the right location to provide coverage of hotspot crime, anti-social behaviour and environmental areas 

Priority 2: Work with our communities to improve the local environment; incl tree planting and supporting development of friends groups to look after our parks / green spaces

  • Work with partners to ensure a comprehensive, co-ordinated plan for Winterhill
  • Seek to improve facilities in Ferham Park
  • Support Friends of Masbrough Cemetery
  • Support the ‘Growing Communities’ project in Henley
  • Improve the area around Kimberworth Rd Library/Post Office, drawing upon Rotherham Council's Towns and Villages Fund

Priority 3: Support the development of projects and initiatives focusing on arts and culture

  • Support the community to deliver the ‘Light Up The Night’ project
  • Support the community in the Jubilee celebrations
  • Support the Artful Spring Forward event
  • Support recognition of local groups and individuals 

Priority 4: Continue to support our communities as they emerge from Covid-19, with a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing

  • Support the Rotherham West Women’s Group ‘Reclaim The Night’
  • Work with partners to install Christmas decorations at several locations throughout the Ward
  • Make use of green spaces to promote community cohesion via the organisation of events