Wales ward

Ward plan

Providing vibrant, connected and safe neighbourhoods is a priority for Rotherham Council and communities are at the heart of everything we do. Wales Ward Councillors were elected to listen to your views and work with you to make a difference in the local community.

We know many of our residents are passionate about making their community a better place to live and we are here to work in partnership and make these improvements a reality.  Councillors used a range of information – listening to local residents and council staff, looking at statistics and other data – to develop these ward priorities:

Wales Ward priorities

  • To support and develop initiatives to improve the local environment.
    • Support and develop local litter picking groups
    • Raise awareness and education around environmental issues working with local schools and community groups
    • Community Clean up days
  • To support and develop initiatives to improve residents mental and physical health and wellbeing
    • Identify and develop opportunities around the women’s 2022 Euro’s Tournament.
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour and crime in the hotspot areas
    • Identify opportunities to increase facilities and activities for young people
  • To support local community and voluntary organisations, particularly those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic
    • To build on community activism through the pandemic by identifying and supporting volunteers and volunteering opportunities
    • To develop the Viking Way and Peregrine Way tenants' and residents' associations