Bellows Road Bus Priority Improvements

The proposed changes

The changes are:

  • Traffic light control introduced at the junction
  • New bus lanes
  • New pedestrian crossings, including to replacing the existing subway
  • Closure and filling in of the existing subway
  • Introduction of a layby for parking

New Traffic lights at junction will improve access for buses servicing Bellows Road, Green Lane and Barbers Avenue. New bus lanes in the southbound direction and the bus priority signal means that buses will have priority ahead of queuing traffic. This will help to reduce journey and waiting times for bus users. Bus lanes will will apply at all times.

Cyclists will be able to use the bus lanes. A filter signal will be provided to ensure southbound cyclists are not affected by the bus priority signal.

The pedestrian subway on the A633 will be filled in and replaced with a two-stage signalised pedestrian crossing. A signalised pedestrian crossing will also be introduced across Bellows Road.

The scheme will also include some minor improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. There will also be improvements for parking.

The signals will prioritise buses. This means minimising the time buses spend waiting at the lights. This also means buses can emerge from Bellows Road reliably and on time. The proposals will introduce a small amount of delay for vehicular traffic. Click here to see an illustration of the proposed changes

T Junction Map

This consultation has now closed and we are considering the responses received